Frosch Vegan Wood Cleaner, 750 ml

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Frosch wood cleaner in a cost-saving Veganisation shop purchase. Frosch wood cleaner – Powerful cleaning with natural agents 50 ml The Jaw. The frog wood cleaner intensively cleans and protects all surfaces and floors. Thanks to its formula with natural agents 50 ml from the pine it even wooden surfaces of Eingetrockneten stains such as red wine, coffee, olive oil or wax crayons. The formula is also suitable for Purauf capacity, which makes scraper in a wooden reduces are and the surface will be protected. The frog wood cleaner it leaves a pleasantly fresh duft. cleans, protects and nourishes all wood surfaces and wood Böden. ecological formulation with natural agents 50 ml Pine From Wooden Surfaces Of Even Eingetrockneten stains such as red wine, coffee Olive Oil or Wax Crayons also suitable for the Purauf capacity: scratches in Wooden frog are reduces and protecting surfaces as our sprays wooden cleaning ingredients: Aqua Sodium C14 – and 17 Alkyl sec Sulfonate Ethox Ydiglycol Linseed Acid, Potassium Salt Sodium Laureth Sulphate Hydroxye thyl cellulose Parfum Benzis Othiazo Linone, Isothiazo Linone Trisodium NTA colorant Linalool Citronellol Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal

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